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Based in Pretoria, InQuest Forensic Services (Pty) Ltd offers professional, yet affordable, investigative services. We currently specialise in Polygraphy to assist businesses and/or individuals in uncovering/confirming the truth relating to: a specific incident, such as theft; the level of integrity and honesty among existing or potential employees; as well as suspected infidelity. Our team of experts always go the extra mile to ensure our clients’ needs are met and we pride ourselves in the professionalism we display.


Veronique Doubell is the founder and Polygraph Examiner of InQuest Forensic Services (Pty) Ltd. She obtained her BA(HONS) Criminology Degree at the University of Pretoria, whereafter she worked as an Intelligence Analyst at a risk management firm specialising in operational risk. Subsequently, certification as Polygraph Examiner was obtained from the Polygraph Academy, which is the only South African polygraph school in the country. The school focuses on South African and African requirements, while being aligned with international standards and best-practice. Veronique Doubell is a member of PEAI (Polygraph Examiners Association International).

PEAI (Polygraph Examiners Association International)
InQuest Forensic Services (Pty) Ltd is founded on three ‘I’s, namely Integrity, Inspiration and Innovation. Combined, the three pillars enable us to provide a bespoke professional service focused on creating and promoting an honest environment. We are client centric and therefore value our client relationships and will always ensure we provide you the best service suited to your needs. Follow-up engagements are part of the services we provide to safeguard our relationship with you, our client. Although based in Pretoria, InQuest Forensic Services (Pty) Ltd also operates across all South African provinces.

We make use of diverse investigative methods, including Polygraphy, to remove suspicion from individuals wrongly accused of an offense, or to identify possible suspects, as well as to accelerate and transition sustainable work ethics, empowering management to make the right decisions regarding current and potential employees.

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We are based in Pretoria; however, operate across
all South African provinces.

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